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food was nasty it was horrible found a hair in my food my order also came 30 minutes late the chicken was cold and tasted off it was rank tasted bad like its been there for days the burger/pitta was falling apart hadonly few pieces of cold uncooked chicken in it i tried to call roqitoz their phone wasnt working i went to the shop they said that if i had bought the food they could have had a look at it they were chatting bullshit to save their own skin i even left a bad review on just eat which somehow got deleted i am going back to the shop now with the food and am going to give that dickhead shop guy a piece of my mind he is an asshole fucking prick this shop should be closed down for good

Sariesh , 30 Jan 2021

Your website doesn't work, received a text message saying my order was cancelled due to Ramadan and you are closed, yet the website accepted my order and now says you are cooking my order. Probably should fix your website/communication to the customer before needing them to register and taking orders this way. Also your feedback form requires the fields for "Value for money", "Service Speed" and "Product Quality" to be filled in before I can submit feedback. Maybe consider the fact the customer has not even received their food and wants to give you feedback on things other than those 3 categories. If you want people to register and then order food through your website and want repeat customers, you should fix these things.

Mohamed, 11 May 2019

Food was great. Had to order £10 worth for delivery but the portions of fries, coleslaw and grilled veg were great. Burger a bit small. Wasn't clear that the extra cheese was to go in the chips, I thought it was for the burger. Had I known I wouldn't have ordered it but it was actually really nice. Sides could have done with seasoning.

Adnan, 17 Apr 2019